We can provide specialist advice to employers and employees on a range of issues to provide the best possible outcome. Employment law can be complicated and varied, ranging from issues such as making changes in contract terms to unfair dismissal or redundancy

You may only need a bit of advice at an initial appointment (see costs) or we can assist you with more complicated matters. We can always provide you with a rough idea of costs depending on your circumstances and if you are looking at a compromise agreement it may be that some or all of your costs may be funded by your employer.

What can we do?

Amongst other matters we can assist with: -

•   Redundancy
•   Unfair, wrongful and constructive dismissalr
•   Compromise agreements
•   Discrimination claims including race, sex, age and disability
•   Equal Pay
•   Deduction of money from or failure to pay wages
•   Contract of and terms of employment


We can discuss any employment matters at a first initial interview at a price of £90. Any further costs can then be discussed with you at that time, including a rough idea of future costs, seeking costs from the employer for any work done (which, for instance, an employer may pay where there is a compromise agreement) and any agreed fixed fee work. Alternatively, please telephone, email or use our contact us page for our current rates and fees relevant to your circumstances.

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