Divorce or civil partnership dissolution can be a difficult time. We aim to deal with matters efficiently and amicably, minimising the tensions that arise with such proceedings. We have years of expertise in this field and can assist throughout or whenever needed at transparent and competitive prices.

Cohabitation Separation

The separation of non- married partners can often lead to confusion over rights about finances particularly in relation to property rights. This can be one of the most complicated areas of law and we can advise on this as well as issues over rights of occupation, injunctions, whether the family home can be sold etc.

Pre- Nuptial and Pre Civil Partnership Agreements

There can be worries about getting married or entering a civil partnership agreement and losing control over finances upon any separation. A pre-nuptial or Civil Partnership Agreements can provide reassurance particularly in situations where money has been accumulated over many years, possibly following separation, and to protect inheritance.

Cohabitation | Living Together Agreement

When a relationship outside of marriage or a Civil Partnership breaks down, the protection that applies in those sorts of relationships, doesn't apply. There are many myths about living together including that of common law husband and wife. This can result in unfairness, particularly where there are children.

A Cohabitation or Living Together Agreement can provide such protection, particularly with matters such as property. Conversely, it can protect people from property claims arising from living together. These agreements can provide clarity and save costs on any separation.


These are some of the most emotive but important matters to deal with. We can assist with matters such as: -

•   Contact issues / Agreements
•   Securing a child’s main home or carer
•   Moving abroad
•   Obtaining Parental Responsibility
•   Grandparent's and wider family rights
•   Name changes
•   Local Authority involvement | Care Proceedings
•   Acting for the children /Special Guardianship orders


An injunction may be needed in situations of domestic abuse from a partner, former partner or even family members.


In respect of divorce, we have fixed fees for dealing with the main divorce proceedings either as Applicant or Respondent as well as applying to the court to seek a financial order embodying any financial agreement (often a financial clean break order). We also have fixed fees for separation, cohabitation and prenuptial agreements, representation at court, preparing statements in proceedings etc. Otherwise work is charged on an hourly basis. Please contact us to make enquiries about any of our services or fees. We generally charge a fixed fee for an initial discussion on family matters unless you are eligible for legal aid.

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